Pete Hitchcock, PhD

Lab Director

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Brown University, 2019-2023

Clinical Internship, VASDHS/UCSD Psychology Internship, 2019

Ph.D., Psychology, Drexel University, 2019

B.A., Psychology, University of Miami, 2008

I am dually trained as a clinical psychologist with a focus on behavioral treatment and as a computational psychiatry researcher with a specialty in applying formal learning and choice models to depression and anxiety. I am interested in harnessing the remarkable advances in the learning and decision sciences to develop powerful treatments and precise assessments and in understanding the emergence, maintenance, recurrence, and dynamics of psychopathology. | Google scholar | CV

Mina Chang, BA

Lab Manager

B.A., Cognitive Science, UC Berkeley, 2023

I joined the lab in September of 2023 and am broadly interested in mental health and psychopathology across various cultural and social environments. I have experience as a research assistant in the Gopnik Cognitive Development and Learning Lab at UC Berkeley in projects related to language development and picture/object comprehension. I look forward to expanding my working knowledge of computational methods to explore learning and decision-making processes in relation to mental health, and eventually apply to graduate school in clinical psychology. 

Marta Migó, MA

Graduate Student

M.A., Psychology (Clinical Science & Cognitive and Computational Science), Emory University, 2023

B.A., Psychology, B.F.A., Drama, NYU, 2019

I graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Psychology, a B.F.A. in Drama, and minors in Computer Science and Philosophy. I then worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Harvard Medical School for two years, studying neural correlates of cognitive disturbances in bipolar depression and OCD. Currently, I am interested in using computational psychiatry techniques and multimodal data to study free and stuck thought patterns, such as worry and rumination, in mood and anxiety-related disorders. | Google Scholar

Tess Gilmartin

Undergraduate Research Assistant

I am a sophomore at Emory University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Quantitative Sciences. I plan to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology and am particularly intrigued by schizophrenia research. I look forward to exploring psychopathology through the exciting field of computational psychiatry and its clinical applications with the Translational Lab.

Dara Klugherz

Undergraduate Research Assistant

I am a sophomore at Emory University majoring in Psychology and am interested in the mental health sector of the field. In the past, I have been particularly interested in mental illness in patients with chronic illnesses. I enjoy learning about the various mechanisms behind mental illnesses and look forward to exploring decision making as it relates to anxiety and depression.

Nicole Cobb

Undergraduate Research Assistant

I am a sophomore at Emory University majoring in Psychology and am interested in studying how decision-making differs in people with anxiety and depression compared to those without, and what contexts lead to those differences. I also am excited to learn how we can translate that knowledge into effective treatments that will help people improve their mental health.

Sissi Li

Undergraduate Research Assistant

I am a freshman at Emory University and joined the lab in the Spring 2024 term. With a genuine interest in psychology, I conducted experiments during my senior year of high school to explore the effectiveness of reinforcement in enhancing learning and modeling. By joining this lab, I aim to further develop my knowledge in clinical psychology and the decision-making process, and to enhance my transferable skills working at the lab.